We can no longer be silent spectators as every fabric of our life is hijacked and misused against us. 
Money brings health, comfort, and security. It is not everything but having all that should make you happier than living without it.
Read what we have to say because we have a vested interest in being right. We live by what we say to thrive and flourish in the world we live in.
Sikh religion is India's finest philosophy. It is a practical, rational and proven model for social, political and economic prosperity; developed during…
Don't try and do the Governments job. Lobby and Litigate the Government to do its job.
The media is almost irrelevant because the government, fossilized bureaucratic institutions, and large corporations, are no longer accountable to the…
Travel opens the mind of those who are broad minded. It rarely opens the mind of those who are narrow minded.
Diversity is tolerated and protected out of necessity by the Deep State. There is no diversity in the Western World at grassroots level. At best, it is…
Ignorance, arrogance, and confidence have been best friends of late. Be open to realizing you could be wrong, and you will less likely to be so.
Democracy in Westernized Neoliberal World is effectively dead. It is best to let Democracy Rest in Peace.
Mistrust of governments makes our crises worse.
If you desire to be truly informed, expect to have to read several independent and competent sources just to be aware of what is relevant to you.